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Anna Marija Parancin, MA

As PR assistant, Anna-Marija Parancin supports our team of consultants in all customer support matters, specifically in the sectors of commerce, insurance, real estate, and mobility. Her job profile comprises writing and editing texts, conducting research on customer-related themes, co-organising events, browsing, compiling, and reviewing press clippings, compiling and administrating media contacts, making follow-up phone calls to pending guests on invitation lists, etc.

Having grown up bilingually, Anna-Marija Parancin has always been interested in cultures and languages. It is thus not surprising that she completed a bachelor’s course in Transcultural Communications at the University of Vienna. In her bachelor’s thesis she conducted a comparative analysis of advertising texts from different countries. After deepening her expertise in languages, textual work, culture, and technical communications, she found that her passion for communications was leading her in a business direction. In 2017 she earned a master’s degree in Communications Management at the Vienna Economic Chamber’s Vienna University of Applied Sciences, having devoted her master’s theses to the subject of ‘Online Crisis Communications’.

After Anna-Marija Parancin had gained first PR experiences working for the supplier of a popular press relations CMS tool, she switched to Rosam.Grünberger Change Communications.

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